The Kashmiri Chef's Way


The Wazwan tradition is a speciality of the state of Kashmir and comprises of a full course meal with 36 delicacies. The tradition was inherited from the artistic cooks who had settled in the state during the time of the Muslim rulers in the 15th century. The Kitchen is led by the Vasta Waza who is the chief chef of the Warzan tradition. Drawing inspiration from that, and taking the art of creating and serving authentic Kashmiri food, we bring to you WAZA, a 20 covers restaurant, which offers Cuisine influenced by the specialties of the Kashmiri pundits and the various communities that have made the valley their home. Our Wazas use typical Kashmiri spices like the asafoetida, aniseed, saffron and other additional and aromatic spices specially brought in from the valley. The food is cooked in mustard oil that ups the spice quotient while curd and ghee are also used in the preparations. The food is rich in aroma and flavor and presents a varied choice of delicacies in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Fruits and nuts also from the valley, are used in the preparation of the sweet dishes. Phirni, a popular desserts, is a must try on the menu. And to wash it all down, we have the kehwa, a green tea made with saffron, spices and almonds or walnuts.

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